Lindsey Byrne

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Whether you are looking for a 1-camera set up, or multi-camera structure Lindsey can produce exactly what you need to. We can work around all types of budgets. We have filmed in a large variety of venues, from gigs in small dive bars to concerts in large arenas from Dublin to Berlin to Texas. We can get your audio professionally recorded, mixed and mastered to ensure the best possible quality all-round. 

We can even stream your concert live online as it happens. 

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Sinead o' Connor - Barretstown Inspirations

And So I Watch You From Afar - Choice Music Prize

The Minutes - SXSW

Ryan Sheridan - Barretstown Inspirations

Jape - Choice Music Prize

The Japanese Popstars - Choice Music Prize

The Bronx - Live in Berlin

White Lies - Live in Berlin

Wounds - Crawdaddy

Alberta Cross - SXSW

Brendan Benson & Eric Burdon - SXSW

House of Dolls - Crawdaddy

Howlin Dowlin - Crawdaddy

Admiral Black - Tripod

The Mighty Stef - Crawdaddy